Drag[en]gine Game Engine

Example projects can be found on Development Wiki or in this repository:

Game developer information

The Drag[en]gine is based on a non-blackbox principle. In particular this means

for developing games using the Drag[en]gine you do not need to compile the game engine nor do you have to link against it.

If you just want to develop games using Drag[en]gine installing the pre-compiled release files is all you need.

The source code repository is interesting only for people interested in the inner workings and those wanting to create engine modules or editor modules.

License Information

The Drag[en]gine Game Engine is dual licensed under L-GPL (for commercial projects and proprietary use like on consoles) and GPL (for free game project). This affects only game engine modules, launchers and IGDE editors. Game projects do not link against the game engine and thus are not affected by the license. They can use any license they see fit.

In a nutshell this means:

If you create a game, no matter if commercial or not, you do not have to worry about licensing at all.